Chris received his love of jazz from his father, a tenor saxophonist and an avid Dexter Gordon fan. Ready to travel and see the world he found his first regular gig performing as a trumpet player in the Army bands. After a tour in the military Chris began studying jazz at the University of North Texas where he recorded with many ensembles and played in every band but the highest and the lowest. During his undergrad Chris took advantage of opportunities to play and teach in the Czech  Republic and Seoul Korea and to perform as lead and solo trumpet with Carnival cruise ships.

In addition to being a regular sound on the Dallas music scene for over a decade, Chris has performed with internationally known groups such as The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Temptations, and the Polyphonic Spree and can be heard on releases from local artists such as The Dallas Jazz Orchestra, Courtney Haines, Chris Clark, Eric McNair, Rachel Avonne, and Brook Stricker.

Since receiving a masters degree in 2012 Chris has focused on  combining his irreverent influences of jazz, soul, rock, and film score into one fine sonic mess and finding ways to use the awesome power of music to do good for the world. Find more at http://www.ChrisBorin.com


Chris Borin is…

  • A touring and freelance trumpet player based in Dallas, Tx.
  • A passionate student, educator, and communicator of music.
  • A dude sharing his passion and love with the world.

Chris Borin

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