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Chris Borin

The passionate, proficient, and spectacularly soulful trumpet sounds created by Chris Borin reflect the sincere love and respect he’s had for all-things-music since day one.  With his own father being a tenor saxophonist and an avid Dexter Gordon fan, young Chris grew up with music surrounding him at all times, eventually inspiring him to pursue his own path towards becoming a career musician.

Chris threw himself into the art of music with everything he had, focused, and found his first opportunity to play live as a trumpet player in bands for the United States Army.  His earliest performances entertaining the troops quickly revealed the incredible potential he had to play professionally, and once his tour was officially finished, Chris immediately began to study Jazz at the University of North Texas in an effort to refine his skillset and capabilities even further.  Always seeking to learn more about his craft, he excelled in his studies while simultaneously recording with many of UNT’s renowned ensembles, establishing himself firmly as a reliable player that could be counted on to strengthen the sound of any project or band.

Challenging himself to put his newfound skills to work while still an undergrad, Chris gained additional experience traveling the world, performing and teaching in the Czech Republic and Seoul, South Korea, before taking his trumpet on the high-seas for a gig performing lead & solo trumpet as a featured player on Carnival Cruise lines.  Adding fresh worldly perspective to his life and new dynamics to his own style and sound, these pivotal years spent developing his skills were essential to becoming the confident and capable musician that Chris is today.  Once he had returned home officially, he went on to complete his master’s degree in 2012 and instantly began to immerse himself within the Jazz circuit of Dallas, Texas.

Finding insightful ways to contribute to the Dallas music-scene for over a decade, Chris brings a highly innovative approach and wildly energetic combination of Jazz, Soul, & Rock influences into his sound that all can enjoy.  He’s had the honor & privilege of performing with tremendously talented artists and bands and legendary names in the industry like Bobby Shew, Richie Cole, Delfeayo Marsalis, The Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, The Temptations, and The Polyphonic Spree, in addition to sharing the stage with incredible local talent from throughout the Dallas scene and far beyond.  Seizing every opportunity to play live and entertain the people with his extraordinary trumpet style, Chris’ mesmerizing approach to music is as captivating as it is compelling to listen to – he plays straight from the heart.

After the release of his brand-new debut record Influenced in 2018, the inspiration, enthusiasm, and support for Chris Borin’s music still continues to grow exponentially by the day.  Through an incredible set-list of songs that fully represent the stunning musician he’s truly become, his wildly eclectic and charismatic compositions are designed to move the mind, body, and soul.  With sounds that embrace the free-spirit of the Dixieland Jazz style, to timeless melodies that reveal the deep connection Chris has to the emotional power his trumpet can bring to music of all kinds, the widespread range of ideas on Influenced confirm that his limitless imagination and deep commitment lead him to extraordinary results.  Join Chris as he continues forward from his breakout year and soldiers on into the future, ready to bring the swingin’ style of Jazz music straight to the forefront, right back to the people, where it truly belongs.


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