Chris Borin | Chris Borin Studios
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Chris Borin Studios

I offer music lessons and studio services in my home (North Dallas) or through Skype, Facebook chat, or Facetime! I hold a bachelor’s degree in Jazz Studies from The University of North Texas and a master’s degree in trumpet performance from The University of Texas at Arlington. I have teaching experience with all ages and have taught in schools, private institutions, and colleges. If you are interested in lessons for college credit please contact North Lake College in Irving Texas (North Lake Music) where I am currently an adjunct professor of trumpet and artist in residence. Free introductory lesson!

Lesson Rates:
30 mins – $25
45 mins – $35
60 mins $40

Weekend times are available but subject to my performance schedule as I am sometimes traveling.

Instrumental lessons: Trumpet, guitar, bass guitar, piano

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Open to all instruments: Theory, Jazz improvisation and performance, composition, digital music production

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Services: Instrumental writing, arranging, and recording (add some horns and strings to that project!)
Audio and video recording suitable for demos or small projects

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I believe music should be fun (no Whiplash here!) that’s why we call it “play”! I find showing students how to recreate the songs they know, with some theory and a little help, cements a love of learning music for the rest of their lives. It’s why I still love what I do! Check out the demos below, hope you can join us!

Chris Borin

Please let me know what times and what lessons or services you are interested in. I look forward to hearing from you!

The Chris Borin Quintet at Denton Arts & Jazz festival 2019


Flugel work and trumpet stacks for Eric and Josh Willis. “We’re Strollin” from their album Father To Son


Ola Soul Demo! This was the rough demo from my studio. See the studio cut Here!


Funky track from local Dallas artist Stanley Glenn with a surprise entrance at the end!


Playing bass with the incredible Demarcus Walker! “The Loop” from Salt and Light


A little guitar action! If it’s a motorcycle in the desert it needs some sweet 80’s rock behind it!