Chris Borin | Blowing Your Brains Out! A happy little trumpet blog.
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Blowing Your Brains Out! A happy little trumpet blog.

  • This is a video I worked up and got back to my rock roots on! Jason Levi sent me a helmet cam vid of his ride through the Valley of Fire and I had some fun. This is the las

  • Working from home can be a challenge unto itself. Throw kids in the mix and you have one fine mess. Thankfully my son has excellent timing and hit me with a play request ri

  • (Full episode. Individual clips embedded below) In episode 2 of blowing your brains out I look at routines from fellow UNT alum Jason Levi. Here is Jason’s bio from h

  • In an effort to inspire my students to step up their practicing coming off of summer (because I’m SURE they all practiced over the summer, right?) I asked some top tr